Open invitation

The Expanded Studio is a full-service design, architecture and art-think production group. We welcome collaborations, development opportunities, public outreach and good-old work for hire. If you have an ecological conundrum within your built environment or a  related project that you would like our advice, or know of a particularly tricky issue that just might need an architectural solution, or vice-versa, send us an email. Our rates are reasonable and negotiable. More than anything we’re interested in getting to work.

Areas of interest:

  • Landscape architectural collaborations

  • Urban ecological Interventions

  • Urban agricultural projects

  • Cross-species Art Installations

  • Site remediation strategies

  • Urban-Animal Public outreach programs

  • Ecological research projects

  • Sustainable architectural projects and developments

Ned Dodington is also available to speak, lecture, and write on these topics. He loves to travel and to get in front of a crowd. Invite him for a visit.


A CV can be found at the following link.